Road Running League 2017/18

Applications for Road Running League 2017/18 are now open!

Races consist of the following:


Important Note on 1st Race:
The first race in connection with the 2017-2018 MAAA Road RunningLeague will be held on Saturday 28th October. Kindly note that due to extensive road-works in the road network around Siggiewi, it has been decided that the first Race in the 2017-2018 Road Running League will be held at Maqluba rather than Siggieiwi as originally planned. The Maqluba race is a 5km event.


Participation Fee:

The participation fee for all the category races is €25 and can be paid online. Please make sure that the club membership renewal fee (€15) is also paid prior to the first league race.



Age Groups:

    • Seniors born 1998 or before
    • Juniors born 1999, 2000
    • Intermediates born 2001, 2002


Classification (Scoring System):

An overall individual classification for Seniors and Juniors will be compiled as follows:

  • The first runner to finish each race scores one point, second place two points; third placethree points; and so on. All of the competing runners who finish are ranked andscored in this manner.
  • The final overall score of each individual is then determined by totaling the points ofeach race. The athlete with the lowest total is declared the winner.
  • In order to be eligible for the final classification an athlete must run at least four out ofthe five league races.