Road Running League 2020/21

Applications for Road Running League 2020/21 are now open!

Athletics Malta has confirmed the first race of RRL 2020/21 to be organised on 4th October 2020.


Athletics Malta Annual License Fee – €5
League Fee – €40 for the whole league, consisting of FOUR race competitions. This amount shall apply regardless if a participant joins the League at the second, third or fourth competition.

Annual Club Membership Fees:

  • Adults: €35
  • Children (12 year old or younger): €20
  • Family Membership: €20 per member

It is important that both Club Membership and League Payments are affected by Friday 25th September. Late entries will not be accepted.


1st Race – Ahrax Mellieha

With the onset of the new Non-Stadia Season 2020-2021 and the Road Running League set to commence in October 2020. We also like to point out that our first road race had to be changed to Ahrax Mellieha (route attached). Ahrax Mellieha would offer much more open spaces to gather in lieu of the COVID-19 restrictions. Adherent to the guidelines for participation Clubs are advised to maintain and follow upon the Guidelines extended by the Health Authorities to minimise and contain the spread of COVID 19, which Guidelines all athletes are to be conversant with.

Ahrax Route