Kids Academy (Age 4 onwards)


Kids are welcome to join our club at the age of 4 onwards so that we will introduce them to the sport. The aim of our academy is to provide kids with a fun approach to athletics by using games as a main tuition tool. Athletics, with its variety of events, provides an excellent opportunity for peer interaction and discipline. The club’s interest is also to develop kids to become our future national champions and represent our club in various international competitions.

Academy Coordinator: Coach Frans Galea (IAAF Level 1) – 99881384


Option 1:

Marsa Track (October – May) 18:00

Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays (on peak season)


Option 2:

Zurrieq Football Ground (October – April)

Wednesday 16:00 – 17:00

Thursday 15:30 – 16:30


Youth Development (Age 12 onwards)


Youth Development coaching is our stepping stone from the Kids Academy. At the age of 12, young athletes will be ready to start specialising in a particular set of events in athletics. These events are identified by our coaches by special talent identification tests that will be conducted during their training sessions. Training will now consist of special sessions tailored to the event that the athletes will be specialising in.

We are lucky to have one of the best coaches on the island coordinating our Youth Development area. Coach Kevin Galea is currently in the final stages of concluding MSc in Strength and Conditioning at the world renowned St. Marys University in London which is also the same university which provided training to World Champion Mo Farah.


Long Distance Running Training (Open to all fitness enthusiasts)


Zurrieq Wolves AC provides guidance to all those runners who wish to improve their fitness by engaging in long distance running. We provide coaching and training advice for different targets which are:

  • Fitness and Running to lose weight.
  • Beginners aiming to finish competitions (5Km, 10Km, Half and Full Marathon) in a decent time.
  • Advanced training to more experienced athletes.



Neil Brimmer – Advanced

Clifton Caruana – Beginners, Advanced

Ian Sammut – Beginners, Advanced

Mario Pisani – Beginners, Advanced

Charmaine Aquilina – Fitness, Beginners